如何練習繪畫角色 (How to practice drawing character) Part 2

It seems that many people like this topic.  I decided to keep writing this "How to practice" series against character drawing.

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As I have no schedule on this topic updates, I make this resources when I'm free.  There is no perfect sort and classification here.

On part 2, I will keep talking about pose, and also suggestions.  And also I will start to talk about body construction.

●姿勢 Pose
After the multi-angle practice, you should easily find that poses are only combined by different angle of body parts.  After working hard on the practice, you should now draw any pose..... maybe??

You may find that, even though you can draw different pose, the doll is strange and crooked.  There is no problem on body ratio, no problem on anatomy, why it becomes strange?

○不可能姿勢 Impossible Pose

在 Part 1,曾經叫大家做了一個正方體的遊戲,這個遊戲讓大家知道『了解』的重要性。而這裡也是一樣,你需要了解角色可以做出什麼姿勢,不可以做出什麼姿勢。
In Part 1, I let you to do a cube game.  This made you know the importance of "knowing and understanding".  This is the same case.  You must know what the character can do and cannot do.

○自己來做 Do It Yourself

The simplest method, do it yourself.  Do the pose front of mirror.  You can now know whether the pose can stand firm on floor, is attractive.  Take a look on every part of the pose, you may take a photo for reference.

○找模特兒 Find a Model

This is also a simple method.  You may find a model, or find resources from magazine or network photos.
If you want to use a photo, please be careful the shooting angle.  And also you should know whether the photo taken with any lens that spreading angle.  If you are not familiar to photograph, please do the pose by yourself or find a model.

●男與女 Male and Female
Many people like to draw female.  Male character is also important.
There are illustrators who don't draw character, but there are no illustrators who can only draw single gender.

○體格 Physique

There are many differences between male and female.  There are many ways to draw easily.

For standard physique, Male is hard and straight, combined by boxes.  Female is round and soft, combined by gel.

About pose, no matter staunch or weak, male is always straight and female is always S.

○不同體格 Different Physique
Drawing different physique is a must-skill of character illustrator.  Do not draw only what you like and accept.  You must draw and accept all things no matter you like or not.  Otherwise you will never be a professional.

On different physique, male and female will become closed, such as very fat.

●裸體 Naked Body

After master body anatomy, different physique and naked doll, you can now to make the body sharp.

This part is simple, draw outline on the naked body.

In this part, please memorise anatomy.  You should think that which part will make affects to which part.

●胴體(女) Body (Female)
In this part, I'd like to talk with a female body.  Female body is much softer than male's,  and body parts are affected on higher level.

○肌肉 Muscle

在學習人體結構 (解剖學) 時,就會接觸到很多肌肉,以及一堆專有名字。肌肉的名字是可以讓你跟別人溝通,一般只要記住重要的就可以。
When learning anatomy, you will learn many muscle and a lot of professional name.  You can remember the muscle name for communicating with others,  but normally you can only remember the main muscle names.

It is much more important to know the sharp and direction of muscle then to remember muscle names.

When a part of body moves, other parts of body will be affected.  Knowing sharp and direction of muscles can make you perform a good body sharp on the drawing.

○乳房 Breast

在說到胴體,男女最大的分別就是乳房 (粉紅)。要把乳房畫好,先要了解乳房。想像一個軟軟的球體被貼在牆上,貼著的部份不變,球體被地心吸力向下拉,這就是乳房的面貌。
About body, the biggest difference is breast (Pink).  To draw breast well, you must know breast first.  Imaging a very soft ball sticked on the wall,  do not change the part sticked and pulled down by gravity.  This is breast.

在乳房底下是胸大肌 (紅)。胸大肌從邊緣向腋下拉去,手部的不同動作對乳房的影響會有所不同。
Under the cover of breast is pectoralis (Red).  Pectoralis pull from edge to armpit.  Breast will be affected by the actions of arms.

是 (. 人 .) 而不是 ( . )( . )。
As the direction of pectoralis, breast is droop to outside.
Should be (. 人 .) but not ( . )( . )

○頸 Neck

頸部 (藍) 的範圍要注意,胸鎖乳突肌和斜方肌的的活動很細且不明顯,往往被其他部位遮住。
Be careful on neck (Blue).  The movement of sternocleidomastoid and trapezius is not big and obvious.  They are always hided by other parts.

Be careful on the movement of clavicle.  Basically clavicle is placed from center to top of deltoid.  And also clavicle is bottom of neck.

●總結 Conclusion
"Method, not right or not, but suitable or not."

Every drawer has his own method, please learn more from different drawer and try hard. Finally you will have your best method!



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