Sketch Book Promotion

2014-01-17 Promotion


在新的一年,我的第一個目標就在1月8日訂下來了,在一月底前完成50幅速寫 Sketches!
In this year, my first target was set on 8 Jan 2014.  I will finish 50 sketches before the end of January!

Schedule is set to 2 or above sketches everyday.  Up to now I need to get hurry.

在50幅速寫完成後,我會做一本 Sketch Book,當中包含了前後感想,部份畫的感想也會包含在內。由於我很受狀態影,所以每副畫都會有一個當時的狀態值提供。語言會用繁體中文和英文,日本語還沒自信寫得好,所以今次不會用日本語。
After finished 50 sketches, I will make a Sketches Book including impression before and after this training, also impression of some drawing. Language in English and Traditional Chinese (not good enough in Japanese).

在 Sketches Book 完成前,暫時都不會有更新,完成時程約在二月十日左右。每一幅作品現在會刊登於 G+,可以到下面的位置去看看。
Before the Sketches Book finished, I will have no update. This will be finished on around 10th Feb. And now rehearsal on G+, you may visit the follow link to my G+.



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