iOS娘 製作過程 (iOS Girl Drawing Process)

這是由 Pixostyle 主辦的 OS娘角色創作競賽,現時已經截止報名了。
This is a OS Girl Design Contest held by Pixostyle.

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上面這一作品有幸入選參展,現已在台灣 ACG100 創作展中展出。
This one is chosen to be shown in ACG100 Exhibition in Taiwan.

在這裡,我會說明一下 iOS 娘的製作過程。
Here, I will show you the drawing process of iOS Girl

<草稿設計 Draft and Design>
 First is model, don't be lazy on it!!
 It's good to draw S style for girls, but you should notice about gravity.
 After finish the model, you may start to design.

<底稿和線稿 Under Drawing and Lineart>
 Don't jump to lineart, make a under drawing first. Fix all things on it.
 Lineart should be clear without useless lines.  Shadow and texture is not needed.

<底色 Base Colour>
 Make base colour for all parts.
 Layers separated by color, texture.

<上色方法 Coloring Method>
 Coloring method should be unified.
 Lighting can be added on base color, or added later by layer (you may see below).
 First shading is to increase saturation of color, no need to be clear.
 Second shading should be clear to prominent contour.

<臉 Face>
 Draw eyebrow, nose and mouth first because it's easy.  Then draw eyes.
 Draw the white and eyelashes, then draw the pupil.
 Notice the depth of pupil!!
 Finally add the light reflection.

<紋理貼圖 Texture Mapping>
 Import the texture file, fix the size and angle, then change to bitmap layer.
 Fix the color tone to fit whole drawing.
 Then back to the coloring method, shading and light.

<發光和反光 Lighting and Reflection>
 Be careful on lighting, effects are not same to different texture.
 Texture of girdle is metal, contrast is strong.
 Blue line will be shining, the light will affect other layer.  Don't miss it.

<半透明玻璃珠 Translucent Glass>
 Same way to color it.  Cloth inside should be unclear, but shape should be remained.
 Notice the position of transparent, translucent and reflection when shading.
 Finally lighting.  Notice that light will be reflected on the edge of shadow.
 This is not reality drawing, this is fine.  Please don't make a little reality on it.

<全圖層 All Layers>
According to the complexity of drawing, there will be much more layers.  Please use folders to manage them.

<總結 Conclusion>
"Method, not right or not, but suitable or not."

Every drawer has his own method, please learn more from different drawer and try hard.  Finally you will have your best method!



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