QUMARION 是 Celsys 的出品,這產品可以讓你跟製作軟件連動,讓軟件中的立體模型跟著Qumarion一樣的動起來,對插畫的參考,或動畫製作也有不少幫助。
QUMARION is a product from Celsys.  This product can connect to PC, and sync the motion with 3D model in software.  This will be a good reference for illustration, and also help animation making.

Qumarion 主頁 Link:  http://www.clip-studio.com/quma/

Let me share my feeling on first touch!!

<開箱 Box Open>

Protection is good.  There is a board card on top and bottom, and also a plastic bag.

<打開 Open>
包裝盒分上下層,上層是 Qumarion 本體,下層是其他零件和說明書。

<身分象徵 Ower ID>
There is a Owner Card in the box of manual.  My ID is 3257, I'm the 3257th owner in the world!

<可換零件 Parts>
There are 2 more hands set.  This will not affect 3d model in software because there is no sensor on it.

<本體和支架 Qumarion and arm>
Qumarion 身上有16組關節,32組感應器,還有加速感應器,在 Clip Studio Paint 上使用時,只要讓 3D Model 的加速感應開啟,Qumarion 的擺動就會直接對應,非常方便。
There is 16 sets of joint and 32 set of sensor, and also acceleration senor.  In Clip Studio Paint, turn on the acceleration of 3D model, the swing of Qumarion will be detected.

<挑戰動作 Action Challenge>

<軟件對應 Software Connection>
讓 Qumarion 擺好姿勢,在軟件上按一下,完成!
Set Qumarion a pose, tap on software, completed!

<結論 Conclusion>
○Qumarion 很輕,不到300克,但非常結實。
 Qumarion is very light, below 300g, but very durable.
 High movement level on all joints, it's very easy to set pose.
 Installation is very simple.  Connect to PC and all will be done automatically.

This is not a learning tools, but a supporting tool for reference, and it is expensive.  Newbies should not rely on it, but take practice on anatomy.  Only practice anatomy seriously everyday, you may almost draw all poses without different angles after 2 weeks to 1 month.

I bought for game making, there will be great help on animations!  And also, Qumarion is expensive, please don't buy for fun without productivity.

價錢方面 About Price:
單體 Single: 91,000 JP Yen 日元
連軟件 w/ Software: 131,500 JP Yen 日元

I bought a single package with 51% off in Japan only between 15-19 of this month (12/2015), priced only 45,000 JP Yen.  Then transport to Hong Kong by forwarder.  Total costed about HK$3,300.



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